14 Mother's Day Gift's for your Pregnant Family, Friend, or Co-worker

Updated: Apr 16, 2021


Here's to easy shopping for someone pregnant in your life!

Here's where people go wrong when buying a gift for someone who's pregnant for their birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas...anytime other than a Baby Shower or Birth Reveal. They buy something for the baby. She wants something just for her!
  1. Pampering herself equals pampering her unborn child. She can nourish + hydrate her growing belly while maximizing her glow.


2. Mama Birthing Kits are perfect for her to pamper herself now and use the nipple balm for breastfeeding later. A 2-n-1 gift!


3. The purr-fect way for her to de-stress + relax from a long day! She'll be purring by evening!


4. Let her flaunt her Mommy title with pride while stuffing all that she needs in this roomy Mommy Bag in different styles and colors.


5. Soft and stylish 5-piece pajama gift set is a perfect sleep and loungewear set for her pregnancy, hospital stay, and maternity leave. Basically, she'll be using it for a while. A gift for her + baby!


6. Food! Do I need to say more...? Pick, Click, Send. She'll be calling you REAL soon!


7. Adore her with jewelry that sends a message, like this Against All Odds Necklace by Brinker and Eliza. Mom's need encouragement!


8. Sleep is essential to a pregnant mother. Essential Oils, a Diffuser, and a Sleeping Mask combination will aid her in getting the rest she needs to grow a healthy baby.