Medicaid Now Accepts Doula's

Medicaid Insurance is now covering Doula fees! How exciting to know that low-income mothers or pregnant mothers who have Medicaid as their secondary insurance can now be relieved to know that they have a choice in hiring a labor support person for free!

A Doula is an ancient woman figure who has been present has a help-mate to women giving birth since the beginning of time. Doulas have always existed but, since the Maternal and Infant Death Rate is increasing way beyond what it should naturally be, medical institutions are now starting to realize the benefits of bringing in Doulas to help solve this problem.


A Doula can assist you in your pregnancy journey. Before you give birth, a doula can help you design a labor plan, give you information on birth classes, or attend them with you, educate you about the birth experience, and go to doctor visits with you. Doula's are perfect for teen pregnancies, military mothers, single mothers, pregnant widows, high-risk pregnancies and expecting mothers new to an area due to school, job change, etc...


Expecting mothers who have hired a Doula, have recommended to other pregnant moms-to-be as an absolute must, especially for those giving birth in a hospital.

The overuse of medications and interventions during birth and inductions of labor have been the main cause for the 30% of American babies (1 out of 3) born via c-section. Doulas provide natural solutions for pregnancy, labor & delivery, and postpartum healing, decreasing unnecessary medical interventions.


Evidence since the beginning of time, suggests that continuous support from Doulas or other non-clinical labor support can improve birth outcomes for both mothers and infants, fewer preterm and low-birth-weight infants, and reductions in cesarean sections. These outcomes will save state Medicaid millions of dollars. Because of the high birth disparities amongst pregnant mothers and with the assistance of governmental institutions, Hospitals & OBGYN's are opening the doors wider to allow Doula's to help assist in decreasing the Maternal & Infant Death Rate.


New York will become the third state where pregnant women can use Medicaid to hire a Doula, a health coach who provides physical and emotional care throughout pregnancy and after birth. Minnesota and Oregon are the two other states where the Medicaid program covers doulas.


Parents who have experienced having a Doula would tell you...


If you're wondering how you can get a Doula who accepts Medicaid. Contact your local Medicaid office in your county at

~Happy Birthing!

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Trameca Campbell BS, MBA, Certified Doula, Certified Childbirth Educator