This Moon Milk Moonstone Bracelet with Moonstone Gemstones helps in Increasing breastmilk supply naturally. With the help of the New Moon Energies, these Moonstone Gemstones are spiritually infused aiding in  postpartum  dis-ease. This can be worn by any female to increase breastmilk, aid in menstrual dis-ease,  miscarriage help to conceive,  and a healthy labor & delivery. The Moon Milk Moonstone Bracelet  creates Elemental Balance in  the hormonal systems , attunes biorhythmic clocks, and stabilizes fluid imbalances. The moon colors transmit a vibration that resonates with your inner yin realm for new beginnings to bring about harmony throughout all your bodies.


The Czech Glass Crystals emphasizes the crevasse of the moon, which fluid flows through.  The 925 Sterling Silver accessories & charm radiate a natural shine and reflector of feminie vibes. The silver moon harnesses  the  calming emotional state  while going through changes & cycles for balanced emotions, responses, and reactions. 


The 925 Sterling Silver Matriarchal Charms (Silver Moon),  & bonus Pregnancy charm to remind you that if you can Manifest Birth you can Manifest anything in your life!  These charms are dangling to remind the mother of her Divine Feminine Super Powers! 


Authentic AAA+ Moonstone Gemstones, Czech Glass Crystals, Stretch Bracelet 


Bracelet Sizes:


Fits comfortably wrist sizes~ 8 inches or less

Can make it bigger with request. Email


"Express your Milk"

Moon Milk Moonstone Bracelet

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Too much sunlight & heat will fade the colors of the Moonstone Gemstones. Only when needed, wipe with damp cloth as needed using filtered water & a really really mild soap since they are non-porous.  Using a lint free cloth to polish add shine .

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