This Spiritually Infused New Moon Bracelet is charged with assisting Expecting Mothers in having a Healthy Pregnancy, Decrease Labor Pains, & Decrease Postpartum Depression. Made with 925 Sterling Silver to compliment the Moon's Energy as well as ground the healing to the mother. The Mother Earth Tones connects mother and baby to the natural flow of Life & Birth. The Pregnancy Healing Gemstones Unakite specializes in aiding moms in having a healthy pregnancy and allows the mother to ease through her labor contractions (waves). The Pregnancy Crystals Peridot balances the postpartum mother's inner energies to allow for an easy transition of hormonal balance. The 925 Sterling Silver Matriarchal Charms (Silver Star, Silver Moon, Silver Elephant, Silver Energy Cycle) are dangling to remind the mother of her Divine Feminine Super Powers!


925 Sterling Silver 8 mm Hollow Heart Balls with AAA+ Gemstones & Crystals, Adjustable Bracelet with Lobster Claw Clasp


Bracelet Sizes:


Small (S) ~ fits 6.5 inches

Medium (M) ~ fits 7 inches (Avg. size of fem wrist)

Large  (L)~ fits 8 inches


Can make it bigger with request. Email

Healthy Pregnancy ~ Moon Infused Unakite & Peridot Bracelet

SKU: HP0201
6.5 inches: Small
7 inches: Medium
8 inches: Large
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Too much sunlight & heat will fade the colrs of Unakite & Peridot gems. Wipe with damp cloth using filtered water & a really really mild soap since they are non-porous. 924 Sterling Silver can be buffered with a lint free cloth to add shine.

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