Surviving the Coronavirus Pregnant

Updated: Apr 5, 2020


Ok, Take a deep breath. Well, maybe not now, but hopefully, at the end of this, you will feel a bit calmer. Unless you've been under a rock, you've heard about this thing called the coronavirus aka covid-19 that has the world in an uproar! At this point, governments, institutions, businesses, social gatherings, personal environments are all being affected. From curfew laws to school closings, all the way to toilet paper shortages we're being affected someway, somehow.


Let's first rewind back to how this whole thing got started. One day people were buying food at a market that sells seafood and other exotic animals to eat like bats. The coronavirus appeared in Wuhan, a city in China, in December 2019. A small population of people got infected from eating items from that market. So far, speculations of what exactly it was that made some people get sick, is a still ongoing question, despite what you've heard.


So here we stand, not knowing where to stand. Is it from the food, the air, some droplets falling down...? The list goes on depending on who you tune into to catch the lastest 411 on this virus. While others are grabbing sanitizer and some are grabbing the Lysol cans, states like New York have created there own virus repellant sanitizer.


Rest a sure if someone ate something that made them sick, you can't get whatever they ate. That's just like eating bad sushi for lunch and you go home now everyone feels like they ate that sushi for lunch too. Because of all the media hype, people are gaining something that's called illness anxiety disorder. It's kind of like when a male gets pregnancy symptoms from being around a pregnant woman constantly, that's called couvade syndrome, They're both mentally driven illness, pseudo.



We are in hay fever season. In the case of seasonal hay fever, these include grass, tree, and weed pollens as well as outdoor molds. This common condition affects some 40 million to 60 million Americans alone, not counting the rest of the world. People may be more likely to get it if they have asthma or other allergies. Hay Fever thrives in Spring, Summer & Fall. Hay fever has the same symptoms as the coronavirus and maybe mistaken as the coronavirus because of the similarities.

  • runny nose and nasal congestion

  • watery, itchy, red eyes

  • sneezing

  • cough

  • itchy nose,

  • the roof of mouth or throat swelling,

  • blue-colored skin under the eyes

  • postnasal drip

  • fatigue.


Not only is it hay fever season but, its cold and flu season as well. So, if you cough or someone coughs or sneezes near you, don't panic. treat it as you would if someone had a cold/flu. Do the things we were taught to do anyways. Protect you and your unborn baby by:

  1. Wash hands before and after eating with soap & water

  2. Use sanitizer only because there is no soap around, Don't be lazy getup and go to the nearest sink. Soap is more sanitary than sanitizer.

  3. Keep taking you prenatal vitamins & other supplements prescribed by your Obgyn/Midwife to keep your immune system up, especially if you're not eating well.

  4. Stay hydrated through fruits, veggies, & H2O

  5. Sneeze & Cough in a tissue or your elbows

  6. Open a window to circulate the air

  7. Stay away from sick people as much as possible.

  8. Don't Lock yourself in. Go for a nice walk to circulate the air in your body.

  9. Dress in layers. Just because it's getting nice, it's not the time to break out the tank tops & shorts. Grandma & Momma was right, you need that jacket.

  10. If you are getting cold symptoms, see your Obgyn/Midwife, but don't rush to think you're dying. The mind is a powerful thing as described above.

  11. If offered any vaccine take heed & question everything, although some vaccines are dead viruses, there are vaccines with live viruses.

  12. Eat more foods that are from the ground, trees, vines...less can & processed foods, they weaken not improve the immune system.

  13. Limit your time watching the news & social media platforms that talk about this virus All Day & Night. Give your brain a break and watch a funny movie that you haven't seen in years. Netflix & Chill!