Pipette Baby Products For Babies & Moms: Review

Updated: Mar 18, 2020


I came across Pipette Baby Products while looking into new natural baby care products. Launched this year Pipette provides non-toxic safe baby hair and skincare products, Surprisingly, they didn't leave out moms which I appreciated with a choice of Belly Butter

or Belly Oil. We can be so busy, that we forget to take care of our own skin!


Pipette is proud to announce that it's it doesn't have the harmful ingredients that other baby skin products may have. Pipette is 100% Non-Toxic to users and the planet, they have eliminated sulfates, phthalates, synthetics, fragrances, and parabens to name a few. The producers of this product believe that if we're going to have babies then, why not save the planet so babies have a place to grow-up in. Even the packaging is environmentally friendly.


Every product in the line is EWG Verified™, Leaping Bunny Approved, dermatologist, tested, pediatrician approved, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, vegan, and synthetic fragrance-free. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is an American activist group that specializes in research and advocacy in the areas of agricultural subsidies, toxic chemicals, drinking water pollutants, and corporate accountability.   The products are based on a plant substance called squalene which is from sugar cane. It actually mimics the human skin's own moisture, making it the best hydration for mommy's and babies. Squalene is a chemical naturally occurring in the human body, present even in oils of human fingerprints.


I was surprised to find out that some top celebrity names are behind this product. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is an English model, actress, designer, and businesswoman. She is best known for her work for lingerie retailer Victoria's Secret, Justin Baldoni is an American actor, director, and filmmaker. I wasn't surprised that Tamera Mowry-Housley was involved with Pipette since she launched the brand Milky! with her sister, an herbal drink supplement to increase breastmilk.


They recently gave out free samples which was thoughtful. It's tuff for a mom to choose the best product for her and her baby with rows or lack of rows (depending on where you live) of baby skin products or the latest belly butter. Pipette is receiving excellent customer reviews.

"These wipes have a clean smell. Work great and no redness on baby's bottom. Green ingredients too!"~ agrulkowski

"Love the smell! It doesn’t feel incredibly oily, goes on smooth and covers a large area. I’ve been super itchy, and this assuages that feeling like none of the other creams I’ve used! "~Megan

"Love that these products are all clean ingredients no harmful chemicals. Works great and leaves my babies' skin so soft."~Cassandra


7 products are available to try out and give your reviews. Even if you don't have children Pipette skincare can be used on adults with sensitive skin or prefers non-toxic washes and skin creams. It has been used on mommies and babies with eczema and other skin issues that have cleared up using this organic skincare line. Pipette natural ingredients is the key in helping adults & babies skin clear up.

~Baby Lotion

~Baby Wipes

~Baby Shampoo + Wash (2-n-1)

~Baby Oil

~Baby Balm

~Belly Butter

~Belly Oil

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