Hey, Mom! & Dads doing research!

Welcome to the Belly O'So Pregnant Blog where we talk about everything Pregnancy! Here we talk about Maternity Fashion & Products, Pregnancy highs and lows, Labor & Delivery ins & out, Breastfeeding encouragement and all. My Name is Trameca aka Blu Sky I'm a Childbirth Educator, a Doula, a Lactation Consultant and a mom of 6 & a dog! So when I tell you we're going in on all things pregnancy, we're goin' All in on All things pregnancy.

That's Me!

As a child, I've always been interested in babies and their development. Yes, I was that child who boldly asked “Where do babies come from?” So much so, that I use to watch Pediatric videos just for fun! I battled in my youth of becoming a Pediatrician or a Psychiatrist. Pre-Med won the battle for my undergrad studies. Entering my Med School year, I felt something was missing so I put that on hold. I settled down, got married and had 6 children (w/ twins) naturally! My first child enlightened my life. My concept of who I was in regards to mothering, womanhood, human creation completely shifted. I was obsessed with the importance of each week of conception and how each week was crucial to human development. I also focused on pain management while in labor and the benefits of breastfeeding. Naturally, after learning so much I was eager to share tips and tricks with any and everyone. Although my heart yearned to assist mothers hands-on in having a wonderful laboring experience, I also had a large family who needed my time and attention. Now, that the children have grown up, it's time to officially help mothers-to-be and her support team share in her magical experience of creation with comfort and ease.

The Magic Around How Babies Are Born

I started this blog because I can say what I want to say without keeping it under 140 characters. Here I can talk about what's new, what's old, and what's controversial when it comes to the maternity world. I'm a huge advocate for natural birth & breastfeeding since it has brought me wonderful benefits not only to the my babies but to me physically and psychologically. My opinions stems from a mother's perspective first since the mother figure is they key to everything. Although we are all mothers, we do have our own unique feelings about maternity, childbirth, & postpartum based off our own individual experiences. However, I'm that person who offers an open space for the expecting mother to have freedom of choice based on her knowledge of traditional and alternatives of being and becoming a mom in a supported,non-judgmental, nurturing, maternal environment.

I'm here for the new dads as well with Daddy Boot Camp.

All this talk about mom this and pregnancy that, I didn't forget about the new dads! Yes, dads are welcomed and very important in their partners pregnancy & postpartum journey. Ya'll in this things together. But even if your not the "traditional partner" but are there to support her during this time, this blog will engage you into your important part of growing and handling a newborn.

Best Wishes in your wonderful,enlightened, adventurous, birth right of passage!

" Manifest Birth ~ Manifest Life " - Blu Sky

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