Getting The Family To Wear Matching Family Holiday Pajamas, Corney or Not!

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

So, we all have those family members that do not want to cooperate with the Matching Family PJ thing. Some may argue it's corny or just not cool. Well, I beg to differ! Its almost 2020 and the styles of the Holiday/Christmas family Pajama theme has gotten better with more styles & color that suits everyone's personal style. Hey if Kim & Kanye and the rest of the Kardashians think it's fashionable to be comfy during their 2019 Christmas Family Photo with matching Family Pajamas, so will your family. (Just show them this :)



(1) Make a Budget

Choosing a budget is important. With all the excitement you could get over your head depending on how many members will be wearing the Matching Pajamas for the Holidays. I've seen family matching Pj's that range from $6.99 -$36.99 for kids and $21.99 - $58.99 for Adults. If you wanna add the family pets add another $18.00 to the budget but varies according to size.


(2) List Sizes Needed

Create a list of your family's sizes. Do not guess or go based on last year's measurements. Actually reach out to them to get an update so no one gets stuck with a short, tight, or bulky nightclothes. With the holiday mail delivery timing, it's a pain sometimes to return it & get it back just in time. Some online store offers free returns shipping and expedited shipping when you are in a crunch. Read the sizing of the company that you're ordering from. Some pajamas are manufactured larger or smaller than the size. So check for "made small" or "made to fit loosely" for example.


(3) Pick a Theme

Picking a theme keeps your brain organized & focused on just that! During the Holiday Season, everyone & everything is pushing you to buy this & get that. So, this way you will not be over adding more stress to a simple process. Pick a theme that you know everyone will enjoy