8 Things Pregnant Women Should Of Learnt From Covid-19

Updated: Aug 12, 2020


Even though we consider this Covid-19 pandemic to be a destroyer to the well-being of the world, there is somethings pregnant women can learn through all of this.


Coming from the prospective that "within every bad thing there is good" or "every cloud has a silver lining", by finding something positive in a gloomy situation helps us cope & learn from the present. Here are 8 things that I've witness as a Doula. Pregnant women are receiving positive outcomes due to the stay-at-home orders across cities, states, and countries.


1. Decrease in activity improves the mothers chances of not going into pre-term labor.

Midwives & OB/GYN's are noticing as well that since the Corona-virus aka Covid-19 Pandemic lock-down, women are keeping the bun in the oven longer. Longer? Yes, longer. Preterm labor is having a baby before 37 weeks. Technically, a normal healthy pregnancy, mom, & baby left alone meaning, having little to no interventions can last up to 42 weeks & have a healthy labor & delivery.

As women & mothers we do too much sometimes because we are built to nurture and to care for others. I get it, but get this, if you do not take time out for your self, whether that's saying no more often, or getting help from others, you are putting yourself & baby at risk.

Just by doing too much can cause pre-eclampsia, dehydration, exhaustion, emotional imbalance, preterm labor & more. Use this time to check out what you've appreciated when everything came to a stop. Did you appreciate the extra sleep, did you appreciate not working around stressful people, did you appreciate not going to the store everyday...What ever it is, keep appreciating it by actually continuing to do that. Don't be some much in a rush to "Get back to Normal", especially if normal is stressful.. Reconfigure things in your life to keep some of that appreciated time to just be.


2. Staying home when sick, is the best thing to do.

We live in a go, go, go, go, go world. Admit it, raise you hands if you went to work, church, a social gathering while you where sick? We all have. But is it REALLY necessary? Put it like this, what's more important you just being there to prove yourself or to be supportive to someone else, or you and your baby's health? Staying home when you feel something coming on is crucial to not getting sicker later on that week. So, take time and care for you and your baby first. They will surely understand. For goodness sake, you're responsible for 2 lives!


3. Staying away from people who are sick is a good thing to do.

This one piggy backs off the the previous. Yup, germs are contagious. So you don't have to be polite by shaking someones hand or giving them a hug. Don't feel guilty or rude if you have to move your seat far away from someone who's coughing up a storm. Covid-19 has made it easier to be rude but at the same time not being rude because now, it's socially acceptable to distance your self.


4. Eating from the inside out.

Once it was announced that their was no cure for Covid-19, all the news channels & social media sites started to promote types of foods, drinks, supplements, elixirs... to ingest to build your immune. The key is that you are what you eat and what you ingest plays a big part of how you help or destroy your internal