6 Tips & Tricks for Traveling with a Baby for the Holidays

It's that time again! The hustle & bustle of it all. Now that some states & countries are opening their borders since Spring, more people are using this time to get in a quick & much-needed vacay! Here are some tips & tricks that will make traveling with babies go smoother.


This is a time to celebrate! Just because you're a parent doesn't mean you have to sit in a corner all night holding your baby. Release your arms by carrying a portable bed for your baby or toddler. Practice safe sleep where ever you go. Now, you don't have to keep checking every 5 minutes to see if your baby is safe sleeping on a relative, friend, or hotel queen size bed. Always feel secure to know that where ever you go your baby has a safe place to lay their head. Feels good to have both hands free to grab a drink & finish your entire plate!


Whoever invented pockets was a genius! Traveling can come with frustrations. Make it easier for yourself by choosing a sturdy bag with pockets. Perfect to organize & store all the things your baby will want & need while traveling. Travel in style & with confidence sporting trendy sophisticated baby bags that are unisex for baby & parent.


If the parent ain't comfortable nobody around them will be comfortable 😂. You can still be stylish enough to take them social media pic's and have your clothes be functional to handle your baby's needs. For those who are breastfeeding your top and bra should be highly considered. Quick access to your breast while giving you privacy can help decrease your baby from having to wait to be fed. And ya'll know when a breastfed baby wants to eat, they WANT TO EAT! They will embarrass you in front of the entire airport. Bottle-fed babies want their milk warm and ready too. Clothes with pockets help keep the bottle ready & warm without having to fumble around. Clothes with pockets also can store the necessary pacifiers, a small toy, etc...


When traveling you & baby are exposed to germs & dryness. Whether in the airport, train, car..., the air circling around is dry air which sucks moisture from skin & scalp. Keep some travel sanitizer on you as well as stay hydrated with water, fruits, & veggies like celery, to moisturize your insides. Grab you & your baby a travel size skin cream to moisturize your outsides.


Forget what ya heard, parents need to eat. Not only are we burning physical calories but also mental & emotional calories! Help yourself stay calm & ready for whatever with keeping your muscles happy with protein & your blood happy with some sugar! Keep it lite & long-lasting with resealable dried fruits, chocolate-covered fruits, flavored nuts like honey roasted, smoke flavors, & spicey mixes, and let's not forget the jerky. If your breastfeeding, remember you have to keep the SAME caloric count as suggested during your pregnancy ( approx. 2,300 to 2,500 kcal per day) depending on your age, body mass & activity level.


Ever since 9/11 & now covid, travel has changed dramatically. Avoid those unnecessary surprises with new rules & regulations, especially when covid-19 curves sporadically changes things. Write a list of questions to ask the airport & airline, train & bus stations, bus company, ships, hotels & rentals. You want to find out the latest updates of the travel advisory, any rules pertaining to babies & children, car seat & stroller questions, carry on rules & baggage rules, breastmilk & prepared formula rules... Also, find out if there is a breastfeeding privacy room or a unisex parents' room. Importantly, confirm all the documents you need for you, your baby, & children.

All in all, the point is...

A lil' prep goes a long way. Reduce the stress by preparing ahead of time. Use that journal to keep track of your ideas & thoughts about the trip. Ya'll already know how it gets mentally when having a baby, a toddler, or children, whatever the age. At the same time, DON'T FORGET ABOUT YOU! Add to that list of what YOU need to keep you calm & happy so you can enjoy the entire journey from preparing, to traveling, to arriving to your destination, Allow yourself the freedom to enjoy the present!

~Happy Travels

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